Renewable Energy to secure our future


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Clean energy is being talked about these years. From private blogs to various commercials, posters and mailings, people everywhere seem to be concerned about it. Even President Obama attached greater importance to a sustainable development than his predecessors. However, clean energy can refer to several subjects. What is clean energy referring to? How does clean energy benefit you? Does clean energy have disadvantages at all? Well, let's look for the answers to these questions.

Basically clean energy comes from natural resources and can be 'refilled' naturally. Solar power, wind power, and hydropower are some examples of these kinds. Technologies are used to get the natural energy all around us and convert it into another form of energy. For example, the light and heat which come from the sun are used in lighting facilities. Wind energy can be used the same way to generate electricity.

Coal, oil, and natural gas are fossil fuels. They are considered 'dirty' because of the carbon and sulfur they emit. It is well-known that carbon dioxide is a major greenhouse gas for its ability to absorb infrared rays, and that sulfur oxides are one of the chief culprits to cause acid rain. It takes an extra-long time - millions of years to form these fuels. Such nonrenewable energy will run out in the near future. That’s why scientists spare no effort to find alternatives.

How does clean energy benefit us human? First, it helps us to be less dependent on fossil fuels. For those countries that are largely dependent on the imported fossil fuels, 'import' can be a potentially strategic threat to them. Exploration of clean energy can both eliminate the threat and accelerate the development of high technology. Even for those countries abundant in fossil fuels, consuming more clean energy helps to slow down the global climate change. Last but not least, clean energy can promote employment by creating new jobs, which seems to attract many countries. It is reported that the investment of clean energy could support many people to find jobs which are relevant with clean energy. Developing clean energy requires people from marketing and administration fields as well as scientists and technicians. It calls for a large number of skilled workers to install and maintain things like wind turbines and solar panels.

It can even be applied to traditional industries. Nut manufactures and bolt manufactures will find new customers in the wind power industry as these important pieces are needed for wind turbines. The influences are drastically far-reaching before we are aware of them.

Do you believe that renewable energy has any disadvantages? Opponents argue that waterpower destroys river habitats, and that solar power may be overdeveloped in deserts. There are even such arguments that wind power kills too many birds which get caught up in the turbines. Some opponents believe that wind power is ugly and noisy. Very few people are in favor of the idea that a wind farm will be built near their home.

Many concerns about clean energy are understandable. But it doesn’t mean we should stop exploiting renewable energy. Instead, we will improve the technologies to exploit it more efficiently. Clean energy is absolutely vital to our future. Instead of arguing against its advancement, opponents on the issue should work together to make it work better.

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