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Renewable fuel and energy production solutions reduce your total cost of ownership – Case Study


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Biomass represents a fastgrowing solution for renewable fuel, which can help reduce the need for foreign oil and provide an environmentally-friendly alternative for energy production. Typical biomass sources include switchgrass, hemp, wheat straw, corn stover, woody materials, and sugarcane tops. It is no wonder why biomass is capturing so much market interest as a replacement for coal in energy production as it produces less sulfur, significantly less CO2, and less ash, than typical coal fuel production. Compared to other renewable fuels and energy sources such as hydro, wind, and geothermal, biomass represents one of the nearestterm and lowest-cost options for development. To sustain a profitable biomass manufacturing operation, however, requires skilled management of production processes. Siemens has a proven track record with renewable fuels and energy production solutions to help solve your biomass production objectives.

Biomass fuel and energy applications have several industry challenges which include feedstock management, production scale-up, safety standards, and mixed public support. With all these challenges, it is important to select a proven partner. Automation systems from Siemens have been used to produce over 7 billion gallons of biofuels in the U.S. annually, and generate more than 40 percent of the country's electrical power.

The challenges and needs for increased efficiency in biomass fuel and energy production are ever changing. This means evolving and more cost-effective technologies will play an important role in your operation. Ideally, you need solution partners with flexible technological capabilities who own their solutions. Siemens commitment to R&D and internal development of products and solutions has made us a global leader in innovation. Not only to help solve today's biomass problems, but, in partnership with research institutions and industry, Siemens helps define and address the challenges of the future.

As a biomass manufacturer, you need to closely manage all aspects of your production cycles to be profitable. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis provides a method to study the many hidden and ongoing costs that are frequently overlooked when a project is first proposed. Siemens focuses on strategies to minimize your TCO during the production lifecycle. These include:

  • Minimizing design, engineering, and installation costs
  • Lowering operational and maintenance expenses

A key strategy for lowering your operation's TCO is to increase the level of process integration and automation, providing for:

  • Shortages of industry trained personnel
  • Need for consistent, efficient, and high quality operations
  • Scalable solutions from multiple feed stocks to increase the production output
  • Need for safety and risk management due to the process and environmental attributes of biomass production

Siemens can help you lower your TCO during the design, engineering, installation, operation, and maintenance phases of your production.

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