Renewable resource Trechwitz ORC - Case Study


Courtesy of Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH

This plant has an electrical output of 800 kW and a thermal power of 760 KW.

At the biogas plant in Trechwitz, an unconventional heat utilisation model was installed. The waste heat from the CHP unit is used to generate power in an ORC unit (Organic Rankine Cycle). The heat goes into an evaporator, and the operating liquid is converted into pressurised steam. The steam is depressurised by a screw expander and drives a current generator. The steam is cooled by a coolant source in the condenser and is condensed back to liquid. The operating liquid is returned to the evaporator under pressure to repeat the cycle. The machine has an efficiency of approx. 8 %, i.e. 800 KW of thermal energy can be converted to 64 KW of electrical energy.         

Facts - Data - Numbers
ORC-plant: 64 kW
CHP-plants: 800 kW/h el., 760 kW/h th.
Commissioning: CHP 2011, ORC-plant 2012

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