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Resilient homes: worth the investment?

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This case explores the economic viability of using an external generator and various other supplies to power a house in order to provide minimum power for sustaining living conditions, and contrasts these costs with the projected cost an insurance company would incur such as replacing and/or repairing burst pipes, spoiled food, and relocating a family to a hotel while repairs are completed. Sustaining minimal living conditions requires providing enough resources (electricity and/or fuel) to generate enough heat for utility pipes not to freeze; the ability to power a microwave, refrigerator, and/or freezer; and powering a few lights. These hypothetical conditions do not take personal entertainment or comfort into account, as these can be satisfied without the use of additional electricity through the use of clothing, blankets, books, etc. This study also includes considerations for geographic location, due to the fact that labour and lodging costs fluctuate across the country.

Keywords: resilient, home, homeowner, generator, winter, storm, power, outage

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