Retrofit Solutions for Existing Poles

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Many items get manufactured and become actual hits in the market. They are used for several years since they are good inventions but with the rapid growth in research and technology another item is produced after a while and it proves to be much better than the initial item.

Most consumers would want to replace the old item with the new one but it becomes very expensive if it is something big. This can be remedied by changing parts of the old item and replacing them with new items from the new technology so as to achieve an improved version of the old item. This is known as retrofitting.

Retrofitting is possible in almost every industry for as long as part of the item can be replaced. Lighting has evolved over the years and many people would like to retrofit their lights after a while instead of buying a whole new set. You can turn your outdoor lights into solar powered lights without even changing the poles.

Customizable lights

The good thing about solar outdoor lighting retrofit options is that you get to choose exactly what you want and customize it to your needs. You may want to turn the poles that you have into solar pathway lighting and you would be able to. If your poles are really high, you can have the fixture installed a little lower.

In areas where aesthetics is a big issue like solar parking lot lighting and they need to capture the most amount of sunlight possible you can have solar panels installed at the very top of the pole. Such retrofits can be placed over poles made from any material and of any shape. Fixtures of varying wattage can also be placed. The lights will be able to comfortably run smoothly without minimal disturbance on the panel.

If the sunlight has to be caught at a certain angle at certain times of the day the panel can be placed lower and placed at a certain tilt which can be adjusted as required. The panel can be mounted on the side of the pole and still continue receiving the right amount of sunlight to power the light.

Retrofits for areas with a lot of sunlight

For areas that typically receive a lot of sunlight during the year you can choose a retrofit that has a low-wattage LED bulb and a panel that produces just enough energy. You can still have energy-saving mode with retrofits as though the lights were built to run on solar from the beginning.

Getting retrofits for your poles and converting them to solar powered lights is very cost effective and will allow you to have lights that operate at a great efficiency. Utilizing the sun’s energy becomes a reality very fast since these lights are very easy to install.

If you are not sure what you want yet you can engage the manufacturer and ask them about the design that would be perfect for your needs. Solar outdoor lighting therefore becomes a tangible idea without having to break the bank or tear down your existing poles which would leave minimum damage to the paved areas as well.    

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