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Rolling out INFERNOFUEL/METHANOL as a national fuel mixed for a greener planet

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As China’s economy has grown over the past decade at a breakneck pace it has struggled to match the increasing demand for fuel for cars that its people are buying in ever greater numbers. In an effort to solve this problem the Chinese looked for an alternative liquid fuel source and settled on methanol. In less than a decade China’s methanol use in the transportation sector has grown from virtually zero to providing 8% of the country’s fuel supply, and reducing the demand of gasoline by a fairly large amount. Methanol can be used with existing energy infrastructure, and can also be used in modern internal combustion engines as part of a methanol fuel blend.'

CO2 and flares are one of the feedstock to produce methanol. At current price methanol is so much cheaper than MTBE (US$700/US$750 per ton) and methanol (US$250/US$300 per ton) Methanol with cleaner emissions and eco friendly, are excellent perfect blend with INFERNOFUEL to reduce consumptions, and reduce all green house gases from tailpipe exhausts ( reduce substantially). So to replace MTBE in any country pms/petrol with Methanol/INFERNOFUEL is much more economical and cost effective.Methanol can be imported into any country. The cost of Methanol alone speaks for itself, and perform better in all engines as higher quality grade pms/petrol/methanol blend. MTBE percentage in pms/petrol approx 8% to 15% depending on oil majors application. To replace MTBE, a optimum 10% blend with petrol/gasoline and methanol /INFERNOFUEL mixed, will reduce consumption substantially and reduce tailpipe emissions substantially.

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