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Rossendale Borough Council – PV – Office Building


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The Customer
Rossendale Borough Council is the local authority for the Rossendale district of Lancashire in Northwest England. It is responsible for services to a population in excess of 65,000 residents. Council operations are based out of the head offices in Futures Park, Bacup. THE CHALLENGE The council were interested in reducing their energy bills at the site as well as adding value to the building in the long-term.

After discussions with Apollo Enviro, the council decided Photovoltaic (PV) solar panelling was the best renewable energy technology to meet the needs and limited budget of the council.

Apollo Enviro then went to market and tendered the project with a choice selection of solar PV specialists. The successful bid returned a proposal which ticked all the boxes for the council and thanks to Apollo Enviro’s tendering process, was also extremely cost effective.

The Solution
Work promptly began on the installation of the panels. This was done to the specification of the council who wanted all the cabling to run internally, thus maintaining the external appearance of the building.

The associated transformer and generation metering equipment were installed neatly alongside existing metering equipment in the plant room. The transformer has spare capacity for Rossendale council to add a small extension to the PV network should they wish to in the future. If they wanted to expand further then additional transformers can easily be linked into the exisitng system; minimising any future capital outlay.

The Business Benefit
Although the panels were installed during the autumn-winter of 2010 and began generating immediately, it won’t be until the summer of 2011 that the full generating capacity of the system will become apparent. It is anticipated the system will generate approximately 2040 kWh annually, contributing to a reduction in the council’s electricity bills. Due to the limited budget the installation is very small compared to the size of building. Despite this, with the current Feed-in Tariff (FiT) available for retro-fit solar power generation, it is anticipated the project will achieve payback in just over 7 years. Additionally income from the FiT, over its 25 year life, will pay out almost double the cost of the installation – an impressive £23,500.

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