Saving 75% energy with MagFan - Case Study


Courtesy of DACS A/S

Investing for the future

PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia’s leading and most progressive integrators, decided to invest in MagFan for their new PS breeder farm in Central Java, Indonesia.

The testing

“The Danes told us a lot about the energy efficiency of these fans but we told them we wanted to test for ourselves before putting our name on a statement”, says R. Syaprudin, National Manager for Farm Technology & Environment Control Department in PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia. So we recorded the consumption over a 24 week period, from bird placement to production. The reference building, commissioned September 2016, uses 3 units of 50” and 4 units of 54” American cone fans. In an identical test building, DACS Indonesia distributor PT Ansell Jaya installed 7 MagFans. Both buildings were fitted with electronic meters, measuring fan energy consumption only.

The results

R. Syaprudin: “The results were stunning. The house equipped with MagFan consumes only 25% of the power consumed by the control house. These houses are identical in every aspect, only difference being the fans installed. In fact, we have higher fan capacity in the house equipped with MagFans and still we come out with such a huge difference in power consumption. Furthermore, the MagFans reduce our panel and wiring cost by 30% in comparison to the conventional fan setup. We have double checked all data and there is no doubt the MagFans outperform the American cone fans by far.”

The future

“The future will bring warmer climates and increases in energy costs, no doubt. Fans will be running longer and harder and power consumption will increase. Admitted, we were skeptical in the beginning, but DACS has proven to us that these fans are really an excellent investment. Not only are they extremely gentle on the power consumption, they are also 100% maintenance free. With the dedicated and professional service of PT Ansell Jaya Indonesia, I am confident that these fans will run trouble free, outlasting and outperforming all other fans currently in use on our farms across Southeast Asia. This definitely is the fan for 21st Century”, says R. Syaprudin of PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia.

Customer comments

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