Sea For Life developing wave energy absorber


Sea For Life in Obidos, Portugal, is developing a Wave Energy Gravitational Absorber (WEGA) to extract energy from ocean waves.


Since its origin, Sea For Life has been dedicated to wave energy converters model conception, calculations and project design for construction and laboratory testing of prototypes, having been tested over 15 different models under an electricity production regime.


Jorge Pina Rodrigues, Sea For Life’s General Manager says: “We went through a long process of improvement and we are currently, tank testing our latest WEGA model. A model that represents, in addition to classical concepts, a clear statement of a new scientific philosophy approaching the complexity of the phenomena of this environment, such as the analogy to the principles of superposition and polarization. Our aim is to sea trial in 2011, but we are still short on support, something quite challenging to fish in Portuguese Waters


The prototype device has a dimension comparable to two oil barrels atop and it weights 1320 lb (600 Kg). The trials are conducted in their own facilities were they developed of a wave tank to simulate ocean conditions. The wave tank is 30 m long, 4 m wide, and 3.5 m high and it can generate waves about 0.7 m high.



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