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Second law analysis of an irreversible Braysson cycle

This paper demonstrates the second-law analysis of an irreversible Braysson cycle. The overall second law efficiency for the process at variable operating conditions are being derived and plotted. In addition, for further pinpointing and thorough quantification of the losses, the component-wise second law efficiencies are also derived. It had been concluded that, the second law efficiency can be improved by changing the operating conditions of the cycle such as pressure, temperature, etc. In addition, a clear view of the thermodynamic losses occurring in each component is obtained and they too, can be minimised by tuning the operating conditions.

Keywords: irreversible Braysson cycle, second law efficiency, thermodynamics, gas turbines, EGM, entropy generation minimisation, power cycles, exergy losses

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  1. By nivas b on

    This paper found very useful and the analysis clarifies the errors found in previous authors works related to this topic.