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Selected results of the 1996 IEW Poll of energy projections

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Since 1981, the International Energy Workshop (IEW) has been polling projections of energy demand and supply. In addition to collecting scenario data on energy consumption, production and trade, the IEW Poll includes projections of GDP and the international oil price. In 1994, energy-related carbon emissions have been added. IEW Poll results are published annually. According to the 1996 IEW Poll edition, the international oil price is expected to approximately double between now and the year 2020, but the full range of projections is rather large, with a factor of more than 3 between the highest and the lowest projection. In contrast to a widely quoted goal of stabilising OECD carbon emissions by 2000 on the 1990 level, IEW results reflect the expectation that this target is unlikely to be met.

Keywords: energy poll, energy projections, carbon emission projections

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