Sherwood Energy Village - case study


Courtesy of ENER-G

Local community project harnesses heat pump technology to build a sustainable future.

Sherwood Energy Village (SEV) is a former colliery site in the East Midlands. In 1994 following the colliery’s closure the local community tasked itself with bringing sustainable development into the mainstream.

ENER-G’s low cost sustainable heat pump technologies provided the SEV with a local supplier which upheld a similar vision and principles regarding a sustainable future. In May 2006 a heat pump solution was commissioned at the E. Centre in Sherwood Energy Village to bring about huge financial and environmental savings.

ENER-G’s ground source heat pump systems use advanced technology to harness solar energy absorbed by the earth and convert it into green energy.

ENER-G installed a heat pump solution consisting of 12 boreholes at 100m deep to provide heat pump technology with capacities of 100kW of heating 50kW of cooling via an underfloor heating system.

ENER-G’s tried-and-tested systems are cost-effective both in the short and long term and our durable ground loops have a life-span of approximately 40 years.

Thanks to new government plans to incentivise sustainable low carbon heating technologies, the use of ENER-G’s heat pump solutions is to become even more advantageous.

The renewable heat incentive (RHI) scheme, to be introduced in June 2011, will guarantee significant subsidy payments and dramatically reduce the payback period for all organisations that install ENER-G’s heat pump technologies

Turnkey delivery of individual heat pump projects hinges on ENER-G’s unique in-house resources including its own specialist designers, drilling rigs, drilling technicians, mechanical installers and project managers.

ENER-G has won official certification for its expertise in renewable heat pump technology. The Approved Contractor certificate recognises the quality of ENER-G’s design, supply, and installation of ground source heat pumps, in line with exacting technical standards set out by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).

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ENER-G develops, delivers and finances sustainable energy solutions and technologies on a business to business basis worldwide. We offer a “one-stop-shop” for all commercial and industrial energy requirements, from combined heat and power (CHP), renewable electricity generation from biogas, heat pump technologies, solar PV, efficient lighting, controls, metering and data solutions and energy from waste.

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