Shipping to get ratings on energy efficiency

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Richard Branson has launched an internet database to list the energy efficiency of every ocean-going vessel and reduce carbon emissions by 25%.

Richard Branson has set up a free internet database today that will list the energy efficiency of almost every ocean-going vessel, in a scheme designed to reduce shipping carbon emissions by nearly 25%. The database will use publicly available data on the engine size and carbon emissions of nearly 60,000 ships, exporters and importers, as well as holidaymakers on cruises.

The energy efficiency database called, rates ships from A-G in a similar fashion to ratings given to fridges or washing machines. It will allow supermarkets, oil and mining companies, food importers, retailers and manufacturers to specify that their goods are sent from places like China or Australia only by the least polluting ships. Britain is expected to be one of the heaviest users of the energy efficiency database, as it does import most of its food and manufactured goods by sea.

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