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Side Core Pulling Mechanism


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The flanks of plastic parts are usually provided with holes or flutes. Under such conditions, side-direction forming cores must be used to form plastc parts. However, such cores must be developed into active parts so that they can be pulled out prior to the stripping of plastic parts. The mechanism for pulling out and restoring such active cores is called core-pulling mechanism.Usually Core-pulling mechanim usually comprises the following types:

1.Manual Pulling

Manual pulling refers to the pulling of side-direction cores with hand or hand tools.Such mechanism is simple in structure, but with low productivity and large in labor intensity.

2.Hydraulic or Pneumatic Core-pulling

Use pressure oil or compressed air as power, equiped the molds with special hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders, and achieve core-pulling through ithe to-and-fro movements of piston.The pulling force under such structure is large yet the cost is relatively higher.

3. Power-driven Core-Pulling

Such mechanism pulls out the active cores by utilizing the mold opening force of injection machine and through the driving of parts. Such mechanism as angle pin core-pulling,gear and rack core-pulling,etc.which have been extensively applied in production.

4.Side Core-Pulling Mechanism Driven by Spring

When the side concave of plastic parts is shallow and requires relatively smaller pulling force, spring or ebonite can be used to achieve core-pulling.

In my today blog, only discuss  the classication of Core-pulling Mechanism, later blog will discuss more detail about the design.If you are interested, please keep attention to my blog, welcome any suggestion and different thought.


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