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Simulation tool for optimising the design and operation of combined cycles

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Carrying out a preliminary analysis of the complex thermal processes of combined cycle power plants enables us to optimise their performance, reduce costs and ensure the supply chain. The use of mathematical modelling and simulation tools plays a key role in these environments because we can study the transient states that take place in the system. Developed by Empresarios Agrupados, EcosimPro is one of the most sophisticated tools in this segment and it is especially useful in cases where we want to simulate the future behaviours of a system or where the cost of experimenting is very high, as is the case with power generating plants.

The present-day design of combined cycle power plants requires that ever more consideration be given to great operating flexibility. The different operating modes of combined cycle power plants give rise to variations in the flows, precisions and temperatures of the different processes involved in power generation.

In such cases, the use of mathematical modelling and simulation tools like EcosimPro helps us to perform calculations of the dynamic variables in order to optimise plant design, prevent errors and increase plant performance, and thus reduce costs and predict anomalous or hazardous behaviours.

EcosimPro is a mathematic dynamic system modelling and simulation tool with a long line of development in combined cycle power plants.

Among its most recent applications, EcosimPro has been used to study the steam cycles of a combined cycle power plant and to analyse beforehand all the situations that may arise. It has also been used to model complex transient systems in pipes and to prevent critical situations in power generating plants.

These processes are characterised by different operating phases (startup, preheating, etc) which can present very complex and disparate behaviours, which means that different criteria must be used to control them in different situations.
Of the main studies in which EcosimPro is used in combined cycle power plants, the following are worth noting.

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