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Small Natural Gas Generator – Economical and Eco-Friendly


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A small natural gas generator is more economical to use than gas generators. It is also environmentally friendly to operate since natural gas is one of the cleanest energy sources.

On top of that, spills are common when using fuel sources such as gasoline. Gas can splash out of the container when transporting or spill out of the fuel tank while the generator is being refueled.

Unfortunately, spilled gas can contaminate the surrounding area and can even be the cause of a fire in the event it touches the hot surface of the generator. Natural gas generators don’t have these problems.

Benefits of Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas generators burn more cleanly than their gas counterparts, producing no fumes compared to the toxic fumes produced by gas engines. In fact, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. 

It emits much lower levels of sulfur, nitrogen, and greenhouse gases. A small natural gas generator is also much more economical to use, often with savings as much as 40% power compared to diesel and gas generator sets. 

Fuel supply is not an issue for most residential and business owners with a natural gas generator installation. Existing natural gas pipelines supply the fuel directly instead of having to purchase and store extra fuel. 

Some small generators can also use portable storage tanks. This means users will be able to use their small natural gas generator in distant areas for emergency power, as well.

Choosing a Small Natural Gas Generator

There are a lot of natural gas generators for sale available, depending on varying power requirements and its designated purpose. A standby generator that will be used to power the whole house will be much bigger and have a much higher power capacity than one intended to only run a few appliances.

Bigger generators are usually stationary and installed on a stable permanent base. The smaller generator sets are typically portable and can be carried from one location to another. 

A standby natural gas generator needs to be attached to a natural gas pipeline directly. It is better to get the services of a licensed professional to get the right fittings and to ensure that everything is properly set up and avoid leaks and accidents.

Speak With Generator Experts

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