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Small-scale electricity production from biomass


Courtesy of Spanish Bioenergy Association (AVEBIOM)

NC Service has set up the first plant of this type in Spain

Thanks to the BIOCOM Project, Nicolás Correa Service, S.A. has built the first biomass combustion plant that not only produces thermal energy, but also electricity on a small scale (130 gross kWe). The process is based on the combustion of woodchips in a furnace to produce heat that is then transferred to an ORC module, where it is used to generate electricity. In addition to electricity, the process generates useful heat which can be used for other purposes such as hot water and drying processes.

Apart from the technological innovation this new plant implies, additional advantages include the fact that the facilities are modular and small scale. The 130 gross kW of electricity generated can be consumed directly by the plant owners or sold to the electricity network. The facilities require an area of some 100 m2, which means that the plant can be located close to the origin of the raw materials, thereby cutting out transport costs and simplifying supply handling and logistics. The plant can be powered by forest waste (chips, pellets, etc.) or any other type of usable biomass.

The equipment required includes a power supply and a 1,000 kWt biomass boiler, a 130 gross kWe ORC module and a condensation system for the 850 kWt generated during the process. The necessary investment and return period make these small generation plants a feasible option for small-scale producers. The modules can also operate with partial loads, thereby enabling them to adapt to changing residual heat conditions.

NC Service stresses the potential for both these biomass plants and ORC modules to become feasible alternative energy options for small-scale producers and owners, offering robust technology that is easy to handle and control as well as low maintenance, requiring only a limited space for its installation and minimal building work. They also operate at low pressure and temperatures and are free from toxic and hazardous substances.

This project has received public administration backing through Spain’s Ministry of Science and Innovation (MICINN), the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (MITYC), the Castilla y León Investment and Service Agency (ADE) and has been co-financed with FEDER funds.

The company organises tours providing an insight into how the facilities operate.

Source: Expobioenergía

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