Small-scale heat and power at B.C. mills

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Courtesy of BioEnergy Conference & Exhibition

Fred Scott introduced the B.C. Bioenergy Network (BCBN) as an alliance between Pristine and Nexterra Energy Corp. BCBN is a network of 15–20 individuals, with 10 MW power plants located across B.C. at mill operations in forest communities. Nexterra has developed a proprietary gasification technology that “takes wood waste material and [produces] clean burning synthetic gas or syngas,” Scott said. The benefits of this technology include simple design, low operation and maintenance costs, fully automated operation, fuel flexibility, and low-grade stack heat.

The system is “very versatile, compared with conventional beds, which are very sensitive to fuel” with both high and low moisture content. Lignins and toxins are burned in the process to produce low emissions that are suitable for the city, as in a current Victoria condominium project, Scott said.

He mentioned the new relationship with First Nations and a number of partnerships, including those with the Cheslatta Carrier Nation and the Burns Lake Band. The latter project is called Ditni Yoh, which is Carrier for “Thunder House.” It is “a place of reconciliation where they can go to resolve their differences and celebrate their relationships,” said Scott.

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