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Social housing retrofit - a rural innovation for the future project


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The client for this project was Warwick District Council and the aim was to deliver deep cuts in carbon emissions and primary energy demands for two social houses in a rural location in Warwickshire. Encraft won the funding for this project from the Technology Strategy Board as part of the Retrofit for the Future competition.

Encraft project managed and designed the retrofit project and came up with a Modular retrofit kit was made of four different modules:

  1. Non-invasive insulation module (external insulation, triple glazed windows)
  2. Extremely low carbon heating module (biomass pellet boiler)
  3. Combined solar module (solar PV and solar thermal) www.encraft.co.uk
  4. Lighting, appliances and controls module

One of the major challenges for the project was that the tenants were to remain in the property as the work took place.  This is why the modular approach was taken.   All the work was completed in a 6 week period which could not have been achieved without the very hand-on approach taken by Encraft’s project manager Helen Brown.  Regular onsite visits were required to manage not only the construction, but the expectations of the tenants and the clients as well as the contractors and sub-contrators.

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