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Solar exergy maps for photovoltaic/thermal systems

In this paper, the thermal and electrical exergies and the exergy destructions are calculated for a photovoltaic thermal (PV/T) system based on solar exergy rates for some Indian climates namely Bangalore, Jodhpur, Mumbai, New Delhi and Srinagar for a year and for different US climates namely Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Portland, San Antonio, San Francisco, Tucson and Tulsa for January, April, June and October. Maps for exergy destruction and thermal exergy of solar radiations are also developed. It is observed that the average thermal exergy is highest in Bangalore from January (146.1 W) to April (241.5 W) and September (237.6 W) to December (233.3 W) and it is highest in Srinagar from May (177.5 W) to August (126 W) for Indian climates, and for USA, the thermal exergy in Las Vegas (226.4–233 W) and Tucson (238–218.2 W) are higher in April and June. The energy efficiency is also calculated and compared with the experimental exergy efficiency for New Delhi.

Keywords: solar energy, solar power, exergy maps, exergy efficiency, photovoltaics, exergy destruction, thermal exergy, solar radiation, India, USA, United States

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