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With the ever increasing requirement for renewable energy, the use of a building’s roof as a generator of power and subsequent revenue stream has become more viable and principally linked with the installation of solar panels.

Latchways success in the fall protection market has been based on innovative fixing and load control technology which is utilised in the Latchways Solar Panel Support Post.

The post enables solar panels to be ‘top fixed’ to the complete roofing system rather than the more traditional methods of attaching the support post through the roof to the building structure. Although particularly suited to metal roofs, the post also negates the use of unsightly concrete counterweights used to hold down the panels on warm flat membrane roofs. Such weights impede drainage, cause localised ponding of water and subsequent build-up of algae, over-compress the supporting insulation and can be prone to ‘slippage’ causing critical misalignment of the panels. Furthermore, leading membrane manufacturers will generally require the use of an additional isolation layer between the weight and the membrane adding cost to the final installation. This document sets out to explain the key selection criteria behind the post with each element supported by an explanation to assist the decision making process.

Product testing and performance
The Latchways Solar Panel Support Post is secured to the roof using tried and tested fixing solutions derived from the Constant Force post fall protection product range and provides a base to which the solar panel frame can be attached. Each post is capable of resisting a tensile, shear and imposed load of 2.5 kN maximum Each post incorporates the unique Latchways Overload feature that assists the protection of the finished roof in the event of excessive uplift. This feature can also provide a visual indication that remedial action may be required.

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