Solar power in Canada: Success, Failure and The Road Ahead


The demand for solar power has been increasing day by day throughout world limits. Every country is focused on obtaining energy from solar units. Canada is amongst the nations which got a great success in producing energy through this method. The year before the last year Canada was able to generate solar energy 700 times more than the previous years and that was amazing news. The country has set up solar forms in Ontario and abroad. They were able to gain over 300 megawatts of power through solar units and that was a big success, though country’s demand for photovoltaic potential is 900 – 1100 kWh/kW. The increasing trend of obtaining energy from solar units was a very successful symbol of good technology and focus of the experts in this area.


But in the year 2013 the energy generated from solar units was 7.6% lesser than the year 2012. The requirement for more production and generation of electricity has been increased over by 2.7% in the meantime. The requirement for electricity has been increased and the generation from solar units has been decreased. Isn’t it alarming? A lot of people are concerned as to why it happened. The reason for this cause is government’s ignorance about the solar energy generation. An official of Canadian government commented that this is not their responsibility to produce energy from solar units. They are responsible for supplying electricity and energy to the masses but not from solar units always. Though the trend in the entire world varies from this statement, as most of the developed firms throughout the world are focused on producing energy through methods which are not health threatening and injurious to people’s health. Solar energy is considered to be naturally obtainable and risk free and costs even lesser than thermal energy and different other energy gaining methods.


The Canadian government has to take proper steps so as to ensure that they take care of this issue with importance. Masses and community are much concerned about the government’s strategy and planning and there is a huge discussion and criticism in social media and newspapers.



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