Solar Streetlights Are Bright

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Solar lighting is being adopted by very many households and they are now becoming a common fixture on streets. They are famed mostly for the savings they bring about in terms of energy bills and maintenance costs and that anyone who uses solar lighting is contributing to a reversal of the damage done by carbon emissions.

People know the basics about how these lights work, that is, that the solar panel on them collects sunlight and converts it into electrical energy which eventually powers the bulbs fixed on them. The intricate details about this whole process are not known by many and here are some of the details.

The whole solar streetlight unit is comprised of a solar panel that absorbs the sun’s radiation, a controller that regulates the activity on the light in check by preventing overcharging and switching the light on and off and then it also has the LED light and a battery that stores the converted energy.

Early morning

In the morning when the sun rises the voltage present in the solar panel increases gradually as the sun becomes hotter and rises higher. The controller will detect this rise and when it reaches a certain point it goes ahead to turn off the light. The battery sees this as well and begins to charge itself afresh since it spent the whole night discharging so as to light up the LED bulb.

As the day progresses the solar panel absorbs as much sunlight as it can get while converting it into electrical energy and then directing it to the battery for storage meaning that the battery continues charging. The controller continues its duty and ensures that the battery does not get overcharged even with a large amount of sunlight present.


When dusk begins to fall the panel, because of a photocell built into it, senses that there is a drop in the voltage since there is no more sunlight being absorbed. The battery springs into action and starts discharging thus turning on the light.

The light stays on throughout the night as the battery continues to discharge until when the panel’s voltage rises again in the morning and the cycle repeats itself all over again. The light can go for a number of days even when there is cloudy weather if the battery is of a good quality.

Effective brain

This goes to show that solar streetlights provide proper lighting at the required time without having to be switched on or off. Their ‘brain’ runs all the activities and ensures that everything functions properly and on time.

With this in mind, it becomes easier to see that solar streetlights actually need minimal maintenance and attention. Once it has been installed life goes on without much fuss since they operate on their own with minimal supervision. All this with minimal wiring done on them during installation!

They take the simplest of resources around you and turn it into something useful for you and continue to conserve the environment around you. The package is indeed a complete one and the lights are indeed bright in every sense of the word!   

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