Solar Streetlights in Extreme Weather

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Nature is brimming with its different forces. They are all meant for good but can have a damaging effect on other items that it comes into contact with. Take for example anything that is outside but is not natural. It can easily get damaged by water and get rusty. Even natural things can be blown away or struck down by the very same beautiful nature.

It is very easy to assume that streetlights are fragile and can be easily damaged since they are small and seem rather thin. This is not far from the truth but there are ways that can be used to make these lights withstand very bad weather even when humans cannot.

Solar powered lights were installed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and the heat there is unbearable. Extreme heat is a normal phenomenon and winters are not deathly cold with ice and snow. The challenge was to get solar street lighting that would be able to withstand the high temperatures and perform like any other street lights or even better.

Specific design

The designers had to raise the poles a little higher and chose to have two poles for each light. The bulbs fixed were brighter and the final design had a transparent glass plate to give it that unique Saudi feel. They did not disappoint at all. A thin layer of nanomaterial was also added to make sure that the panels were self-cleaning, considering that this area is packed with dust.

The lights were adapted to their surroundings so that they can remain as efficient as possible even in the worst of conditions. This can also be done for lights in areas that receive heavy rainfall and snowfall so that they are left undamaged after such incidences, and they are bound to occur since these lights last longer than just a single season.

Protection from the elements

It is important that solar outdoor lighting be fitted with protective devices or covers so that the components that are hidden from view do not get damaged. There are batteries and controllers that are part of the unit but may not seem like active parts since they play a quiet role. The important thing is that they remain functioning at all times. There is a specific type of battery that is able to withstand temperature fluctuations and thus not get damaged when they occur.

Even the solar panel that is always visible to the eye can get damaged and that is why it is made in such a way that it can last for up to 25 years and in the harshest conditions provided it is well insulated from wetness or dust which may interfere with its inner workings.     

The lights may indeed look fragile but remember that they are built for the job. They are built to provide lighting to those areas with extreme weather conditions and there is no one design that fits all areas. Every area has different weather patterns and extremes and these are what are used as a guideline to make them perfect for the area.

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