Solar Thermal System: Benefits Vs Problems?

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Solar thermal systems are the latest green renewable technology that derives energy from the sun to produce heat. This heat is then transferred to warm water for utilization or regulates temperatures within households, offices and even industries. Varying qualities of equipment results in variation of performance in terms of efficiency and quantity of energy being wasted depending upon quality. Different types of solar thermal systems include direct, indirect, radiant and thermosyphon. Similar to all projects, this invention inherently carries with it some disadvantages to counteract the benefits that solar thermal method may provide.

Solar panels are quite expensive to install as well as maintain. Due to the added energy breakouts commonly occurring worldwide, solar power has gained the edge in price competitiveness which has resulted in an additional price hike. This is a huge burden on the consumer’s pocket. Moreover, a very large area is required to set up the solar system in order to generate efficient amount of energy. This space could have been catered for other useful purposes or for habitat protection in case of large scale projects. In addition, solar energy is not available during night time, cloudy or rainy season. Therefore, this solution is not practical in all regions of the world and might require the additional cost of batteries for non-sunny days.

However, the biggest benefit of this environmental friendly source of heat generation is that it is practically free from all pollutants. It does not create air pollution, global warming, and acid rain or release any type of toxins within the atmosphere. Instead, this system actively works in reducing the green house gas emissions and provides the future generation’s a healthier surrounding to grow up in. In addition to that, as energy is being generated from sun without using any fuel, the working as well as maintenance costs of this system are basically nonexistent. The initial cost is covered within a short time span thanks to the ever inflating gasoline prices as well as the indirect savings done on health costs. As this system is free from wirings and large scale set ups, solar thermals are also ideal for farfetched areas, disaster struck regions and developing countries in order to achieve a much more sustainable future.

Solar heating systems are becoming an increasingly popular green energy option that is being utilized currently. The advantages provided by this technology on a global scale are far higher than the challenges or obstacles that it may face. Proof of increasing recognition can be seen from the statistics carried out by International Energy Agency (IEA) which illustrates a 14 percent increase concentrated in China and Europe within this sector in 2011 alone.

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