Spin Ice Revolutionizing Power Source Generation

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A recent discovery has enticed physicists to begin to reorder their understanding how energy particles behave after a thrilling find where a magnetic equivalent has been found to actually be able to create a particle charge much along the same lines as electricity. Spin ice, as its known, creates single controlled bursts of charges much the same as electricity, with similar behaviors and relatively similar creation-like functions. The spark of life may not have been driven by an electrical charge as wel know it, but instead by rouge spin ice discharge.

Spin Ice and Magnetic Electricity 

This discovery only exists within specialized ice crystal, a type previously known to scientists but not adequately studied. Working in labs, scientists have been able to prove attractive and reactive elements of a non-traditional charge emanating from their studies. Monopoles were established to prove the charge exists, and they show how when gathered a magnetic electrical current is created and transferrable, much life electricity itself. 

The theory of magnetic monopoles is nothing new, and scientists have speculated for over one hundred years that the reaction could occur with our current understanding of physics. However, it wasn’t until the in depth study of spin ice were the theories realized as occurring. What makes this phenomenon so fascinating is that though magnets and electrical currents share similar behavior, the run on specifically different principles.

Electricity vs. Magnetism

The applications of this new energy source are being investigated for application in computer information storage and hard drive functionality. As a variable physics property inducing property, a decrease in rare earth mining could be realized, closing down a monopoly held by China and stabilizing the market. Prices would drop on the consumer end, while supplier profits would jump for the lack of extraordinary supply purchases. 

Electricity runs n the functions of proton and electrons fighting it out with a positive and negative electrical charge. These do not exist in magnets, but instead, the rare earth creations focus on correlation with north and south, and the forces of nature that ensure the two shall ever truly meet. 

With the mass production and stability of spin crystals, is quite possible in the near future to see a reduction in the world’s reliance on Chinese monopolized rare earth minerals, opening up possibilities for economically sound invention and engineering of state of the art technology.

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