Starting your own home-based solar energy business

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To be a solar energy, you do not need to be a college graduate or a seasoned sales executive. All you need to be is someone with the desire to make a difference in the World, and someone who shares the belief that home solar power will make that difference. That's it. There has never been a better time than now to create a solar energy business.

The cost of energy, across all industry sectors and types, continues to increase. CO2 emissions and the release of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) are changing the climate. Vulnerability of a crumbling energy infrastructure undermines security.

The need to adopt and upgrade the American home to solar energy has never been more apparent. Emerging U.S. innovators are empowering residential customers and offering the needed services related to renewable technologies. Through new solar system rentals, home owners can upgrade to solar services.

Companies are positioning the rental of solar panels and entire residential systems as a means to modernize the U.S. energy infrastructure, to increase global energy supplies, and to provide methods for entrepreneurs to create home-based, solar energy businesses.

Photovoltaic (PV) technology is evolving rapidly to address today┬┤s global climate and energy challenges. With the solar revolution comes unequaled opportunity. It offers excellent business growth for work from home, solar energy consultants who want to create a way forward. The following outlines the requirements to starting your own home-based solar energy business.

* Step 1 - Understanding the Solar Energy Business Offering
* Step 2 - Creating a Structure for Your Home-Based Business
* Step 3 - Registering and Completing the Associate Training
* Step 4 - Receiving Ongoing Small Business Development and Support

Home-based businesses, particularly in rural or small town settings, are helping many people achieve the balance between economic prosperity and personal well being. Home-based businesses are now recognized as a viable source of new jobs and economic growth. Entrepreneurs are creating their own alternative jobs from home rather than seek corporate employment.

The home-based, solar energy business explained here has a great mission. Its grassroots goal is to spread the use of clean, renewable power as simply and as rapidly as possible. This opportunity has eliminated as many obstacles as possible to both the rental of solar electric systems for home owners as well as to entrepreneurs wishing to start a work-from-home business.

The solar industry┬┤s dramatic expansion is both exciting and a movement worth of crafting a new small business around. A alternatively powered home is now affordable with new options to rent solar energy systems for long term cost savings. Many people are selecting renewable energy to run their hot water and pool heaters. All of this energy can now be produced with rented solar energy systems. Solar plants consume little or no fuel, saving billions of dollars year after year. The infrastructure would displace 300 large coal-fired power plants and 300 more large natural gas plants and all the fuels they consume.

Solar does seem about to become a major player in the energy market. Solar energy systems are now rentable. Solar module brackets, solar module frames and profile channels according to the present invention can be formed of any suitable material with the entire solar energy system packaged up for one day installations and rental options that lock in the cost of energy for up to 25 years.

Starting a home based solar energy business has many rewards and challenges. Starting a business is a big responsibility that includes commitment, professionalism, training, and self-discipline. It involves careful consideration, such as what type of competition you'll encounter and the demand for the solar rental service you can expect.

Starting today in the solar industry does not take large financial investments. A green collar job is available in the alternative energy industry.

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