STOP IT Power Generation - Case Study


Courtesy of InduMar Products, Inc.

Lead Repair in Massachusetts:
A major utility in Massachusetts uses STOP IT® to repair cracks on lead covered cables which leak oil. Cable diameters range in size from 1' to 4' and carry electricity @ 5, 13.8 and 25 KVA. Two to three rolls of STOP IT® are used on each application.

'Very good product. Sets up well, smooths out perfect, sealed crack good.'

Hats Off in Florida:
STOP IT® is used by a power generator in Florida on steel and fiberglass lines that carry ash and water and range from 8' to 10' in diameter. Operating pressures of 60psi with ambient temperatures are easily handled with STOP IT®.
'The product works very well, it is very easy to use and is very effective on any size pipe. It works well on different types of pipe also. Hats off to your product.'

Good Stuff in Texas:
A Texas utility uses STOP IT® on a regular basis in their coal fired power generation plant. Fly ash, water, limestone slurry, and other products travel through a variety of pipes including steel, black iron, aluminum, stainless, fiberglass, and polypropylene. Pipe diameters varry between 8' to 12' with pressures around 30psi and temperatures in the 175°F range. Typically, they will use one 4'× 12' STOP IT® kit on each repair.
'Very good stuff! Used 100 [kits] in 1995 and I am very satisfied with this product. Can be a life saver in emergency situations.'

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