Streamwire introduces caretaker solution with great results - Case Study


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Streamwires client is one of the UK’s leading engineering solutions providers, delivering integrated consulting, project delivery, and operations and maintenance services to major blue-chip customers in targeted market sectors. Innovation is at the heart of the business and enables them to provide the solutions demanded by customers.

The Project

The client is currently working on a £400m contract for the redevelopment of a critical national infrastructure project, which is the fourth busiest station in the country; bringing around 50 million passengers into the city each year.

The project, scheduled for completion in 2018, will see the client help to completely transform the infrastucture creating new platforms for more trains, building a new concourse, and creating a bigger and better station for passengers.

The changes being made will allow the introduction of more trains every day -up to 18 trains an hour through the station - offering better connections than ever before.


As one of the UKs leading engineering solutions providers the client were conscious of the need to save energy and wherever possible reduce the carbon foot print of this project.


Streamwire formed in 2003 to originally support KBC Holdings; the precursor to a successful serviced office provider. They have since gone on to become a trusted external IT provider to over 650 companies in the UK and Europe; delivering professional, optimised and simple technology solutions that keep businesses running, from both within but also outside the Serviced Office environment

Through partnering with Streamwire to manage the IT requirements of this project, the client were able to benefit from Streamwire's ability to introduce new and innovative solutions to materially improve IT capability, both in term of cost saving and increased productivity.

One such solution was caretaker owned by GFI Max. caretaker is an energy usage management and monitoring tool which regulates your IT systems to help reduce energy wastage, CO2 emissions, and energy costs via the utilisation of set policies.

In an independent study undertaken by Testree in 2014, when energy meters were attached to individual PCs, caretaker was proven to provide accurate energy saving data within 5% of the metered figures.

Alongside the client's existing efforts to save energy, the use of the caretaker solution was able to further reduce the impact of the day-to-day running of the IT infrastructure; by better managing the energy usage of their PCs and Laptops.

The Results

The caretaker solution was initially installed to manage a community of 385 active PCs in May 2013.

Since then, a number of policies have been applied to limit the amount of time PCs are left running whilst unattended and not performing useful work.

The net result is that over the period to March 2014, energy consumption was reduced by a total of £29,568 across the 385 PCs. This equates to a saving of £76.80 per PC for a 12 month period.

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