Street lights in Eden Prairie retrofitted with LED bulbs

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Courtesy of Greenshine New Energy LLC

For the past few years, cities in Minnesota are switching from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs. Eden Prairie follows the trend and will retrofit all its street lights with LED. The $3108 project will allow the city to replace the 100 street lights owned by the city with 110 watts LED bulbs. Despite the cost, the cost the city forecast to save energy and therefore, save money.

A couple of months ago, the city had run a test with 7 retrofitted street lights. The trial was fruitful as the city was able to save from maintenance cost and to save energy.LED lights have a higher lifespan than regular light bulbs (20 years for LED vs. 10 years for incandescent) as less energy is needed to light them up. Moreover, less maintenance will be needed so overall, cities can save money from utility bill as well as provide brighter and cleaner light to their streets as LED lights have a higher light intensity than other kind of light.

Before Eden Prairie, other cities all over Minnesota switch to LED street lights. The city of Robbinsdale changed 40 street lights to LED and succeeds in saving 60% on its utility bill. In West St Paul, 500 street lights will be switched to LED street lights, the largest LED street lamps in the state.In Brooklyn Park, about 1000 street lights as well as traffic lights have been switch to LED.

Written by Annie K - Greenshine

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