Supply optimisation - the energy silver bullet?

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Double digit price rises in the cost of gas and electricity have once more brought home the need for an immediate increase in the intensity with which the UK embraces the transition to a 'green economy'.

Such price rises have a dual effect on business. Not only are they putting a squeeze on the budgets of energy managers across the country, but they are also making the business case for energy conservation measures increasingly appealing.

According to Angus Robertson, CEO of powerPerfector, the UK's fastest growing green company, there has never been a better time to invest in energy efficiency. 'When we started in 2001, there wasn't an appetite to invest in technology, the paybacks were an unattractive ten years and, with no 'lower carbon' driver, people simply didn't need to make the invest¬ment - energy was cheap.

'Now it is a different story - fuel prices have jumped by 77% over the last five years and industry experts forecast that there will be a near doubling in wholesale prices between now and 2017. Energy efficiency now fits into the investment models of most organisations and is the most effective method of mitigating future price rise risk - short of turning everything off.'

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