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Swedish Biogas Plant Case Study


Courtesy of Biodome International Ltd

BIODOME® INTERNATIONAL has success-fully installed a BIODOME® Double Mem-brane Roof onto a GFS Tank for a Swedish Biogas Plant.

The waste-to-energy facility was a partner-ship between renewable energy specialist Swedish Biogas International and the City of Flint. The additional digester was added to the existing waste water treatment facility to streamline sludge processing by rotting primary and secondary sludge in a biogas plant, also opening to the possibility to rot external organic materials. The produced biogas will be deposited as bio-methane in the natural gas network and also for production of renewable electricity.

The high strength of the membrane, together with market-leading design and manufacturing facilities allowed BIODOME® INTERNATIONAL to design and construct the BIODOME® Roof to the exact requirements needed to fit the storage tank.

The BIODOME® Double Membrane Gas Holder utilises the highest strength membranes available in the global market, making it designable for a wide range of working gas pressures, storage volumes and gas production rates and can accommodate the requirements of any sewerage, wastewater treatment plant, industrial effluent plant and biogas plant.

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