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Synthetic Asphalt Manufacturing (original article in Bahasa Indonesia)

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Brief description (in Bahasa Indonesia) about estimated investment costs for the construction and operation of synthetic asphalt. This project has been implemented in Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia, with the completion is scheduled in April 2013.

CV Wirajasa Teknik Industri has operated two plants in East Java and is currently constucting another in the same region. The product has been approved for commercial use and certified as bitumen emulsion with PEN 60/70 grade.

Due to the huge and rising demand for asphalt in the country, the project initiators are planning to build similar plants in other areas and welcome participation by potential investors under a joint venture arrangement.

Please contact Suhardiyoto Haryadi via email: <suhardiyoto(at)> for more information.

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