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Technical and economic evaluation and feasibility study of biomass energy

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The urgent need for the reduction of harmful environmental impact during energy production necessitates research for efficient, economically feasible energy production processes. The wide spreading of energy coming from renewable energy sources with low or zero emission levels, such as wind energy, solar energy, hydro-energy and biomass, is the most promising solution to the problem. This study is an economic evaluation of different scenarios of biomass power plants in which the energy is produced using state-of-the-art gasifiers and combustors. Not only investment analysis but also market research and renewable energy demand forecasting in Greece are the basic supporting tools of this study. This may be a scientific reference for possible future investors, who may benefit from applying the oncoming new energy strategies, but the basic benefit is the improvement of life quality and health of people in organised societies.

Keywords: biomass, renewable energy, investment analysis, economic evaluation

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