Technological solutions for thermal applications: a focal point for Expobioenergía 2011


Courtesy of Spanish Bioenergy Association (AVEBIOM)

51% of all visitors are in search of heat generation solutions

With more than 40% of all registered exhibitors offering related products and services, the heat generating capacity of biomass looks set to become one of the focal points at Expobioenergía 2011. Indeed, energy generation for heating and SHW systems today represent far more attractive business opportunities than gas and oil, which are more polluting and much costlier for consumers.

Thermal applications represent a major opportunity for the further development and consolidation of the biomass sector, especially if we consider that heat made up 47% of all the energy consumed in the EU in 2010 (according to data from the European Biomass Association AEBIOM). In a more specific example, the Bioenergy Plan for the Castilla y León community in Spain (PBCyL) set its biomass energy production target for the 2015-2020 period at 10% of the region’s current energy consumption rate and it's estimated that 48% of this biomass use will be used to produce heat. In order to reach this objective, the PBCyL has come up with a total of 116 measures, including a programme subsidising the installation of boilers and a scheme to support business initiatives (pellet production, small power plants and energy services, etc.).

Pellets have become the principal fuel used for biomass boilers and stoves. Pellet production and supply at stable prices is guaranteed in Spain. Fully aware of the business opportunities involved in the assembly, setting up and maintenance of biomass energy boilers in public buildings and industrial facilities as well as in the domestic sector, installers have become one of the largest visitor groups at Expobioenergía.

According to the surveys carried out at the latest edition of the fair, 51% of those interviewed claimed that the search for heat generation solutions was their principal reason for attending. Indeed, the use of biomass in this field represents a highly competitive alternative in comparison with fossil fuels.

As a result, the large number of companies operating in the hot and cold air conditioning sector will now have their own special area within the exhibition space.

Expobioenergía: driving the sector forward

After five consecutive editions, the highly specialised professional nature of Expobioenergía, coupled with its exclusive focus on biomass, has turned Expobioenergía into a key driving force for the sector in Spain. Since the first edition, held in 2006, parallelisms can be drawn between the evolution of the event and the sector, as both have experienced sharp growth within just a few years. Javier Díaz, President of Expobioenergía, gives us some idea of the figures involved: “Back in 2006 there were just 2 pellet plants in Spain, compared with 35 in 2011'.

The fair has also experienced major progress since the first edition. Whilst in 2006 the exhibition space totalled just 4,000 square metres, by 2010 that figure had risen to 18,000 square metres. The number of participants is also extremely significant: between 2006 and 2010 the number of exhibitors rose from just 150 to a total of 425 companies and brands.

Source: Expobioenergía

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