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Terminal characteristics of type 1 wind generating systems with magnetic saturation

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This paper proposes a simple method of incorporating magnetic saturation in determining terminal characteristics of a type 1 wind generating system employing a squirrel–cage induction generator. In determining the terminal characteristics, the generator is represented by its traditional per–phase equivalent circuit as well as two–axis model. In both cases, the magnetic saturation is carefully incorporated in determining the characteristics of the generator. The system of equations obtained through the per–phase equivalent circuit is solved using an optimisation routine to get the steady state characteristics. The two–axis model is implemented into MATLAB/Simulink to obtain time domain responses of the generator including the steady state values. Simulation results obtained through the optimisation routine and the MATLAB/Simulink are also compared with the corresponding actual values found through an experimental setup consisting of a 1.5 kW induction machine.

Keywords: fixed speed wind generators, induction generators, magnetic saturation, modelling, type 1 wind generating systems, simulation, wind turbines, wind energy, wind power, optimisation

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