The Bayl Primary School at Hong Hu lake (China)


Courtesy of Fortis Wind Energy

In June 2006 Fortis installed a Montana (5 kW) hybrid system at the Bayl Primary school at lake Hong Hu (Hubei province) in China.

At the lake there live about 500 families on boats who life from catching fish and aquatic production on the lake and the sales of it. The families live in houseboats on the lake. Because they do not have any chance for grid connecting , wind energy and solar energy is a good solution for their power supply. Also the school consist of a big boat in the middle of the lake with 6 class rooms and a dormitory and rooms for the family of the secretary of the school. Also a medical service and administration office of the village is available on the boat. Some children stay during the week on the school because their parents live to far away to bring and pick up every day their children from school.

With this project which is sponsored by the Dutch government the school get electricity from a Fortis Montana wind turbine and a 1 kW PV system installed on the roof of the boat. A special hybrid inverter of 5 kW integrate the two sources with the battery bank and the consumption on school. The class rooms get electric light, computers and maybe internet through a mobile network.

In this project also 312 of the 500 families get a 300 or 400 Watt wind turbine . Some families get also 2 PV modules of 50 Wp in this project. This project is a part of a Sino-Dutch Co Project for promotion of Rural Renewable Energy in Western China in cooperation with China Association of Rural Energy Industry with a budget of nearly € 6 million of which Dutch government grants 90%. In this project are beside Wind Energy also Biogas , High Efficient Stoves, Solar Water Heating, Passive Solar House, PV generation and Micro Hydro technology with training implemented. By this project Dutch government contribute to the development of rural families by supplying electricity with wind and solar energy which make that telephone, radio, television, refrigerator, computer and internet can be use and children have good facilities to do their home work for school.

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