The Burning Facts About Solar

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Did you know that solar Energy comes in different forms?  As we all know, the development of solar energy is important because of its great contribution to our electricity sources. We might even think that it is just a simple development that deals about replacing and becoming one of the alternatives for our electricity sources that we can find. When talking about the development of solar energy, we can directly say that it comes from the heat of the sun which is transformed into electricity.

We may also tend to know all about solar energy but the truth is, we have lots of things to know more about solar energy because aside from knowing its beginning, contributions, advantages and disadvantages, we also need to know the various types of solar energy technologies that exist today.

Types of Solar Energy Technology

1.       Hybrid Solar Energy

       It is the combination of solar power, geothermal energy, and wind power which are known to be clean sources of energy. The hybrid solar energy includes the photovoltaic panels which are known to be the great helper in decreasing your electricity bills. There are two companies which promote and use hybrid solar energy as of now. One is the Cogenra Solar in which it capitalizes on the inefficiency of Photovoltaic solar panels.

       Their usual costumers are those which use hot water. The second hybrid solar energy company is the Sunscience whose function is to integrate both the concentrated photovoltaic which transforms into electricity and the thermal component for hot water.

2.      Active versus Passive Solar Energy

         This type of solar energy deals with active and passive energy. The active solar energy refers to the installations of either mechanical or solar device while the passive solar energy refers to recognizing the sun in terms of its radiation capacity which can increase the natural heating of the sun.

          Why do we need to know about these types of solar energy? It is because we are the target users of electricity. We need to know all about solar energy so that we will not be ignorant and we will be able to be aware of these things that we are involved in.


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