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The development of KM portals for nuclear power plants

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This paper has been prepared with close collaboration between the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)'s International Nuclear Information System (INIS) and Nuclear Knowledge Management Section and representatives of several Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) and other supporting organisations (IAEA, 2009). The practical experiences of different NPPs show that the development and existence of a knowledge portal for NPPs help to keep the staff informed and the sharing of information helps to maintain safety at a high level. Some examples show that, if the process management is also integrated into the portal system, it helps the organisation to achieve its goals more easily. In this paper we introduce a general concept of designing of a knowledge portal and also a typical content. We are not going to show any examples of IT support systems, because their availability is quite variable in different NPPs and the development stage of the integrated management system (IAEA, 2006a).

Keywords: nuclear knowledge management, knowledge portals, nuclear power plants, NPP, portal design, design principals, nuclear energy, nuclear power

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