The Drumbeat Journey – the Energy Management Route Map


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Embarking on the Drumbeat Energy Management Journey -  It’s like any journey, it requires planning and preparation and you might need a map!  The Drumbeat route map shows the three key stages of your journey with us, transforming your organisation from one with the ambitions to manage energy, to one which is proficient and self-sufficient in the art.  Each stage has a number of elements to put in place, some of which will be simple, others more complex.

The more effort that can be put into it by all parties, the better – but we are always mindful of the fact that you have a business to run and your team’s time is at a premium. So we reckon to take the strain and do most of the spade-work to build and install the energy management system.

Training as we go, we gradually build your team’s knowledge, skills and confidence.

By the end of your journey, competence in energy management will be firmly embedded into your team’s capability and management ethos, securing support and participation of all staff. Achieving that goal obviously requires your commitment throughout the process.

Our approach takes you through a simple 3 stage process on an energy management journey:

Stage 1 – Primary Energy Assessment

Stage 2 – The Energy Management System

Stage 3 – Achieving in-house Proficiency

By taking this fresh approach, at Drumbeat Energy Management we can transform the way that you manage your energy consumption.  It’s a simple and effective concept, one that enables you to become thoroughly proficient and self- sufficient in energy management in the shortest practical time.

Our cost-efficient energy management support service will help you to better manage your energy in-house.  The journey with Drumbeat always pays off.  The first step is the easiest – talk to us on –

 020 7078 4103 or email us

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