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The Effectiveness of Combined heat and Power Solar Water Heating Systems

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Solar water heating in residential and commercial buildings is often provided by integrating a large number of domestic thermosyphon solar water heaters. The economic effectiveness of solar Domestic hot water heating systems depends mainly on its types and configurations. Thereupon in this paper, simulation models have been presented for the modeling of thermal and electrical performances of two Grid Connected Solar System (GCSS) concept for electrical power generation and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) heating. The usefulness of developed models has been shown by carrying out numerical calculations for the amount of solar power and thermal energy produced by various installations, DHW demand at each quarter hour time interval in the year, cumulative performance over a year of the examined systems. The study result shows that, GCSS offer some potential advantages over a separate GCSS consisting of side-by-side solar PV panels and thermosyphon solar water heaters, enabling faster introduction solar energy buildings. For the case study the annual specific rate of fossil fuel saving in electrical power grid amount 269.4 kg.fuel/year per square meter of the solar PV/T collectors as a result of 199.6 kW.hr/year.m2 electrical, and 904.5 kW.hr/m2.year thermal, power generation. However, solar PV/T collector concept results in lower direct electric and thermal power output, but the advantages are a potential of high specific rate of fossil fuel saving and good overall performance of the solar system. Such concept requires careful analysis on a case-by-case basis of potential future commercial applications, which may greatly benefit from cogeneration of hot water and electrical power.

Keywords: Grid Connected Solar PV, Domestic Hot Water, Thermosyphon Solar Water Heater, Hybrid Solar Collector, Cogeneration.

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