The European market is still the main customers of the Hengsheng factory


Hengsheng Tire has announced the signing of the 'Technology Contract Agreement' with China, Audi was early December, 2007 for the production of the new Audi A6L?in Shenyang, the new Audi A4 90000 loading wheel rims. This is an easy way to Hengsheng tire market in China, the rapid establishment of brand images, enhance customer loyalty, among the top five of the world.

Although the paltry 90,000 fetal However Hantai Jia Xing factory two days of production, but in the next five years, find the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) buyers, undoubtedly the focus of Hengsheng Tire's struggle for at least 15 million?steel rims?annually.

90000 mounted steel rims next year for Audi

Hengsheng Tire on December 6 this year, with Audi China signed 'Technology Contract Agreement, since June 2007, the Audi A6L, Audi A4 models supporting 90,000 the Hengsheng brand of high performance steel rims. The?wheel rim?tread Model for VENTUSS1Evo (K107), the specific models 225/50R17Y and 225/55R16Y.

To invest $ 340 million the Hantai Jia Xing factory Nissan steel rims 37000; until the end of 2006, the daily output will reach 44,000; to December 2007, the daily output to increase by another 7500, more than 51,000; 2009 years of its daily output will be close to 70,000.

Audi A6L, Audi A4 supporting 90,000?steel rims but Hantai Jia Xing factory capacity of 2 days, but 90,000 for Hengsheng's significance is very substantial --- OEM orders for high-end car manufacturers Prior multi Michelin dominated by, Goodyear, Hengsheng also get a 'green card', and hope to gradually get the premium car manufacturers, user acceptance.

European fabless directly restricts the development of Hengsheng

Currently, in Korea, Hengsheng tire replacement market share reached 43.7% share; U.S. and European markets are also the main battlefield of the Hengsheng Tire sales reached 63% of the total sales of Hengsheng Tire. However, the European factory 'Mishap directly hinders the pace of development of the Hengsheng.

European factories, means that all European manufacturers of OEM products, must be shipped through the ports of South Korea or China shipped by the port handling capacity, weather transform and shipping cycle many factors, not only in Europe and America replacement market potential purchasing power can not be completely released, can not reduce the cost of the OEM market, supply cycle risks are reduced competitiveness of the Hengsheng Tire.

It is reported that the Hengsheng Tire's new plant in Europe on July 14 this year in Budapest, Hungary South Dunaujvaros (Dunaujvaros) foundation, but as late as the second half of 2007 in order to start production. To 2010, the new plant will reach an annual output of 10 million cars and light trucks, high-performance tire production capacity, in order to shorten the logistics cycle, reduce the risk of potential production cycle, to further expand the market demand in Europe.

Hengsheng Tire chairman Cao Zhonghuan said: 'With Hungary's construction of a new plant, Hengsheng Tire will realize the localization of production in Europe, the establishment of a South Korea, China, Hungary, as the center of global production networks. Efficient production network will promote Korea Thai tire from the eighth position in the top five. '

Who 15 million wheel rims in 2008 pay

Hengsheng Tire Co., a strategic planning executive director Sheng Zhao told reporters, to 2012, Hengsheng to reach 100 million / year of production, the share of the global market share of 6.2%, among the world's fifth.

Hengsheng Tire's statistics show that the overseas market and OEM market now accounts for 80% share of factory capacity in China and overseas market share is almost three times the OEM market. To the end of 2007, the European market is still the main customers of the Hengsheng factory; Hengsheng expect the OEM market in China in 2007 to take over the baton of the European market sales. Terms of the annual production of 24.69 million in 2006 dollars, the meaning of this baton is 15 million / year.

According to an authoritative survey agency survey data, the pace of development of China's auto industry development of automobile industry average is 4-5 times faster than the world. It can be expected, as long as the pace of development of the Chinese automobile can continue to maintain, the Hengsheng I would not be 15 million?wheel rims buyers worry.

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