The Grid vs. Rooftop Solar

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The development of solar micro-grids and mini-grids in the remotest parts of Australia seems to be a rational step in the right direction economically. However, network operators all over the world are still in doubt when it comes to the vast population in urban areas adopting similar methods.

The question lies with the homeowner choosing to buy the necessary power generating equipment from the local home improvement store which will challenge the viability of the networks in the near future.

Another question that begs to be asked concerns the ability of a community to come together and pool their resources after coming to the conclusion that it is way cheaper to cater for their own electricity supply compared to relying on the grid. This point however, doesn’t seem to be far off from happening as some groups are already considering this option.

There are two ways to achieve this the first being the adoption of solar panels on rooftops which has been well documented as the most viable option when it comes to the production of cheap and clean electricity. The cost of installation has declined immensely as research comes up with better and cheaper ways to produce solar powered option.

The second option is the use of battery storage that is highly efficient in storing necessary solar energy in case the supply runs out making it a cheaper option of backing up energy to for uninterrupted supply especially in cases of emergency.

This reliable method of electricity supply is catching on due to some motivating factors like frustrated consumers, capital and scale. This is set to not only power up homes and businesses but will also curtail the efforts of distributing companies who rely on stifling tariffs depending on the time.

Battery storage that is winningly priced will aid in throwing the peaking power supply companies into disarray as there will be no peak. The million dollar question however is what happens to the power grid and the people that rely on it? Will these power plants get in line and review their pricing?

David Crane, CEO of NRG Energy, the largest privately owned generation company in the U.S weighs in on the issue by saying the grid is on its death bed as more people are going the renewable energy way.

He says the only way to survive this onslaught is to cut costs and systematically alter their business model. He adds that the modern grid shouldn’t be distributed through wooden poles and wires but should come up with a more centralized option.


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