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The hydrogen loop: the means for making the hydrogen economy realistic

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The hydrogen economy has already started with the introduction of the Ovonic nickel metal hydride battery, which has enabled the rapid growth of hybrid vehicles. Reversible storage of hydrogen in a solid hydride permits the entire loop of hydrogen generation, storage and use, all of which have been placed some time in the future. It is often stated that the hydrogen infrastructure does not exist and cannot be put in place. I will show that the hydrogen economy based upon hydrogen, the ultimate fuel, is practical, realistic and available near-term to our global society. The crisis regarding global warming, pollution, and wars over oil can be solved, at the same time building much needed basic new industries, providing higher value jobs feeding back into the educational system.

Keywords: amorphous materials, nickel metal hydride batteries, disordered materials, energy, fuel cells, hydrides, hydrogen economy, Ovonic, hybrid vehicles, hydrogen production

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