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The Remarkable Everyday Benefits of Neodymium Magnets

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The world has yet to see a permanent magnet stronger then neodymium. NIB or Super magnet as they are more commonly known have super strength while being extremely versatile. Neo magnets have uncountable uses in all modern technology as well as industrial machinery. This magic product has recently been introduced in the mass production sector and has consequently resulted in a soaring to a new level of demand. We as users of gadgets and electronics are never far from a neo magnet nowadays. Due to their strong magnetic field, even a tiny sized NIB can carry out multiple functions. Generally a good quality neodymium magnet purchased from reliable source can bear a load many hundred times its own weight.

Due to the multifaceted benefits i.e. super strength, resistance to demagnetization and astounding performance levels that these type of magnets provide, they are now being produced in all shapes and sizes from huge cylindrical blocks in industries to as small as 1mm thick for jewelry making. One such type is a ring magnet. Ring or tube magnets are round shaped magnets with a hole in centre. The practical applications of this size are unlimited. Ring magnets can be magnetized in various different ways. These include magnetization through the thickness as well as through the diameter. However, it is uncommon and much more costly for ring neodymium magnets to be magnetized radially. It is important to remember that a low standard magnet would not only break easily but also lose its magnetism fairly quickly. Therefore it is vital to purchase your product from companies who assure the provision of highest quality NIB’s. Stanford Magnets is one such international seller who provides the convenience of online shopping from the convenience of one’s home. The magnets purchased are of top notch quality with a strong nickel-copper-nickel protective layer to shield the neo magnet against environmental corrosion. In addition, the high grade magnets provided by Stanford Magnets are long lasting and do not chip, break or crack if handled with slight care. The advantage of being able to order your permanent magnet in accordance to the user’s personal requirements in terms of composition, characteristics, price as well as shape and size is an added incentive just a phone call away.

The applications of neodymium permanent magnets vary far and beyond. From advancements in technology, renewable energy production, medical science and industrial product manufacturing, all are dependent upon this remarkable invention in cutting down costs as well as speeding up their success rates magnanimously.

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