The seven levers of energy management: A formula for success


Courtesy of World Energy Solutions, Inc.

Remember when energy was easy? You got a bill from the utility and you paid it. Then came the deregulation of natural gas, then electricity, the need to audit bills, energy service companies with their shared savings models, risk management, demand response programs, smart meters, carbon footprinting and incentives for renewables.

Back then, nobody bothered you much about energy either. Today, energy use – and how you manage it – is in the spotlight. Whether you are responsible for meeting the energy needs of a single site or multiple facilities, managing energy is getting more complicated. At World Energy, we understand this and are doing something about it.

Our approach is holistic, encompassing the Seven Levers of Energy Management. This ensures energy decisions are not made in a vacuum, but rather optimized within the context of business goals, market realities and evolving opportunities. We believe mastering the Seven Levers – and the interplay among them – is the key to managing energy more strategically.

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