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The viessmann domestic fuel cell energy centre in its trial phase

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As far as mass production is concerned, the domestic fuel cell energy centre represents an equipment without much history. The reversible and irreversible influences on its function and the service life of the equipment are not yet not fully understood; in particular the decrease in the effectiveness of the catalysts poses a real challenge. The service life required for detached and two-family homes is 40,000 h and up to 80,000 h for apartment blocks and are typical values for stationary application. Real life time tests would need years, accelerated and rapid ageing test procedures for components and total systems are not yet available and are only now designed and qualified. We have no wider knowledge base and the development of the product, extensive basic research still has to be carried out simultaneously.

Keywords: catalysts, degradation, fuel cells, gas treatment, service life, domestic fuel cell energy centres, housing energy

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