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Thermal analysis of smart fins in a micro heat exchanger

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Micro heat exchangers using smart fins undergo variation of temperature along the passage of fluid flow. This requires analysis of these smart cantilevers under thermal load. In the present research, thermal analysis of bi-metallic smart, surface mounted, piezo patched cantilevers under thermal excitation, has been carried out. Electro-thermo-elastic governing equations and constitutive equations have been used to develop the variational formulation for a dielectric continuum. The electric field in the dielectric medium has been assumed to be varying non-linearly along transverse and longitudinal directions to capture the sensing and actuation behaviour properly. The results of the study indicate that the piezo patches can be effectively used to control the deformation of the structure under thermal load. By suitable choice of piezo actuator length and thickness, the performance of the piezo actuators can be enhanced.

Keywords: piezo materials, smart beams, metallic layers, thermal analysis, smart fins, micro heat exchangers, smart cantilevers, piezo actuators

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