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Thermo-economic efficiency of low capacity coal-based power plants

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The method of estimation of thermo-economic factors, allowing the justification of the construction of low capacity coal-based power plants has been developed in the present paper. The C-curve method applied for thermo-economic analysis is used here for determination of the optimal ratio between specific exergetic and cost-performance factors. The results of the analysis show that for coal-based thermal mini power plants involving both pyrolysis and gasification the effective ratio is achieved with an exergetic efficiency coefficient of 35% and coal price of $68. They also show the change which occurs when the investment component is accounted for in the primary cost of the energy generated in mini power plants with the interest rate varying within the limits of 5-20%.

Keywords: thermo-economic efficiency, thermodynamic analysis, exergy, coal fired power stations, mini power plants, technical-economic factors, optimisation, energy prime cost, investments, pyrolysis, gasification, exergetic efficiency

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