Things to Remember When Installing Outdoor Lighting

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Lighting is not just required inside buildings. Outdoor lighting is also important for security purposes and improving the ambience of a space. Some consider it an absolute necessity, and rightfully so, but they may just forget that there is more to it than meets the eye.

Outdoor lighting affects more than just the owners of the building. It is not just about your lawn being properly lit and you being able to find your way around it at night. It affects your neighbors and the environment around you and it would be best if you looked into all angles of the possible implications before you finally make that installation.

Light intensity

You can achieve proper illumination without having to install blinding lights. Choose the right amount of intensity that will light your area without giving off an irritating and sometimes even debilitating glare to the users. Extremely bright outdoor lights actually put those inside the premises at a disadvantage because they will not be able to see properly when they come out of the house.


With regard to outdoor lighting the idea is usually to illuminate the around your house and as far as it can go. This might not always be a good idea because it should ideally illuminate your own compound and not everyone else’s. Light that covers a large area may spill over onto neighboring property and cause a disruption in the illumination arrangements on that side.

It could be too bright for their needs or preference and it could interfere with their own outdoor lighting. Keeping your outdoor lights bright enough for your compound without it spilling over is also courteous. 

Light pollution

This may sound almost impossible but you can actually pollute the environment with unwanted light. The earth has a regular schedule of day and night, darkness and light but outdoor lighting disrupts this. The extreme light rays affect the night sky causing a destabilization in the nighttime activities in the environment.

You can reduce this by ensuring that your outdoor lights are shielded. Keep them covered with aluminum covers, black oven paint and any other material you can think of. Don’t just focus on covering the area directly in front of the light because the top and sides also ‘leak’ some light. Cover it all round to avoid any possibility of leaking light to the atmosphere.   

Surrounding wildlife

You might live alone on your property but there are others that live around you. If you live in an area with a lot of greenery there would probably be a lot of wildlife in that area whether you see them or not.

Too much bright light at night interferes with their sleeping schedules and eventually messes with their productivity. It should be kept low and in colors that favor animals, like soft yellows and ambers, since they have a hard time seeing such colors.

Cycles in human beings also get disrupted by extremely bright light so you and your neighbors would benefit from softer lighting. Keep everyone safe and comfortable as you make your outdoors beautiful.

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